The Jacaranda Gym

The gym also located at Woodvale Close, Westlands (inside Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi):

  • Opens at 5 am and closes 10 pm between Monday and Friday.
  • Over the weekends and public holidays, we open between 7 am and 9 pm.

Our membership rates are as below. Join us as a member and enjoy much more. For a tour, further clarification or inquiries, kindly contact us through +254 707 395 315 or

We have a state of the art gym that incorporates two of the best equipment in fitness world; Lifefitness and Technogym. The machines are divided into cardio, isotonic and free weights. The whole gym is surrounded by big enough windows that allow fresh air and natural light to come in. Our studio is modern with a wooden suspended floor that ensures no risk of injuries associated with hard surface.

We have a variety of studio classes in the morning at 6:30 AM and some days at 9:00 AM for one hour, and evening classes at 6:30 AM for one hour. There is also a high intensity spin class every Saturday at 10:00 AM for one hour.

Heated Pool in Westlands Nairobi

The Jacaranda Gym and Spa offers a heated pool 20m by 8m; deep end (1.85m ) and shallow end (0.95m), with an adjacent baby pool measuring 7m by 5m ideally located at the heart of Westlands and is free for health club members and residents guests. Swimming Rates for non-hotel residents are shared below.

Being a modern state of the art facility, it attracts both young and old & ideal for weekends family outings. Enjoy your drink & food from our pool side bar and restaurant as you relax and enjoy the heated pool.

We are open from: 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM (Mon – Fri) & 7:00AM – 8:00 PM (Weekends & Public Holidays

For reservations and clarifications kindly reach us through +254 707 395 315 +254 707 395 315 or


The Jacaranda Spa

Jacaranda Spa is located at Woodvale Close, Westlands (inside Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi) and opens from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday – Friday, on weekends and public holidays from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

It comprises of four treatment rooms (three single rooms and one couples room) which are spacious and encompassed with bathrooms, toilets and are air conditioned. It has a lounge where guests are served with refreshments. It has background music and scented candles to enhance the ambience.

The spa is a true sanctuary of health and beauty, a haven of peace, a highly pleasurable area with advanced research reaching well into the 21st century. It offers care treatments through gestures and essential techniques that relax the mind, harmonize the silhouette, revive the skin and preserve youth. It is the privileged place for men and women seeking lasting health, beauty and youth. All treatments offered have been designed to suit this purpose.

Our spa treatment rates are as shown below. For reservations or clarifications kindly feel free to contact us.

Membership Rates

Health club Membership Rates

Swimming Membership - Leisure(Without A Coach)
AnnualKsh 90,000
Half - YearlyKsh 50,000
QuarterlyKsh 25,000
MonthlyKsh 12,000
Swimming Day Pass
Child Day PassKsh 1,000
AdultKsh 1,500
Fitness Assesment Rates
MembersKsh 1,500
Non - MembersKsh 3,000
Individual Peak
AnnualKsh 133,000
Half - YearlyKsh 78,000
QuarterlyKsh 54,000
MonthlyKsh 18,000
Individual Off Peak Rates (9am - 4pm)
AnnualKsh 108,000
Half - YearlyKsh 60,500
QuarterlyKsh 38,500
MonthlyKsh 14,500
Corporate Membership (Minimum 03 Pax & Above)
AnnualKsh 114,000
Half - YearlyKsh 61,500
Member Guests
Day PassKsh 4,000
Spouse/ChildKsh 2,000
Couples/Joint Membership
AnnualKsh 242,000
Half - YearlyKsh 133,000
QuartelyKsh 90,750
MonthlyKsh 31,350
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Spa Rates

Spa Menu Rates

Swedish Massage

Relieve tired muscles,improve circulation and assists the body to eliminate toxins.This classic massage promotes health and well being.

90 minutesKsh 6,500
60 minutesKsh 5,500
Deep Tissue Massage

A vigourous massage concentrating on specific muscles and muscle group is perfect for the active athletic indi- vidual;deep manipulation relieve aches and discomfort and aid the natural healing process.

90 minutesKsh 10,000
60 minutesKsh 7,500
Indian Head Massage

Achieve complete relaxation,as alternating slow and vigorous massage movements are applied to stimulate the pressure points on your scalp,head and shoulders.

30 minutesKsh 5,000
Aromastones Massage

Smooth volcanic stones are warmed and used as an extension of the therapists' hands ,Revel in the comforting sensation as their penetrating heat combined with pow- erful therapeutic essential oils dissolves muscular stress and tension.

120 minutesKsh 12,000
90 minutesKsh 9,000
60 minutesKsh 7,500

This ancient Chinese massage of the feet restores the flow of energy throughout the body.Reflex point corresponding to all organs,systems and glands are stimulated to promote a sense of equalized well being.

60 minutesKsh 6,000
45 minutesKsh 5,000
Aromatherapy Massage

A variety of pressure point massage techniques designed to perform in synergy with therapeutic and reviving properties of pure essential oils, this massage invigorates the body and mind.

120 minutes Ksh 12,000
90 minutes Ksh 9,500
60 minutesKsh 7,500
Back Massage

This treatment eases muscular tension by concentrating on the tight and stressed muscles of the neck,back and shoulders.

30 minutesKsh 4,000
Foot Massage

30 minutes Ksh 3,500
Stress Buster

45 minutes Ksh 5,000
Express Facial
30 minutesKsh 4,500
Relaxing Facial
60 minutesKsh 7,500
Problematic Facial
60 minutesKsh 9,000
Intensive Anti-Aging
90 minutesKsh 12,000
Pendo Spa Package

Indulging treatments for couples designed for those in love and want to spend time together. Commence your treat with a welcoming energizing body scrub that will deeply cleanse and soften your skin.To awaken the senses,you will indulge in a luxurious body wrap followed by a renewing back massage.

120 minutesKsh 20,000
Tulia Spa Package

Indulging treatment for singles who want to spend their time alone.Commence your treat with a welcoming energizing body scrub that will deeply cleanse and soften your skin followed by a back massage.

105 minutesKsh 10,000
Jacaranda Journey

120 minutesKsh 16,500
Pambo Body Scrub

45 minutesKsh 4,500
Urembo Body Scrub

45 minutesKsh 4,500
Body Wrap

45 minutesKsh 6,500
Upper Lip & ChinKsh 1,500
Full Leg WaxingKsh 3,500
Half Leg WaxingKsh 2,500
Underarm WaxingKsh 2,000
Full Arm WaxingKsh 2,500
Half Arm WaxingKsh 2,000
Bikini LineKsh 3,000
BrazillianKsh 5,000
Chest /BackKsh 3,500
Eyebrow ShapingKsh 1,500
TweezingKsh 1000
Creative Manicure
60 minutesKsh 2,000
Creative Pedicure
60 minutesKsh 2,500
Spa Manicure
90 minutesKsh 2,200
Spa Manicure with Gel
90 minutesKsh 3,000
Spa Pedicure
90 minutesKsh 3,000
Spa Pedicure with Gel
90 minutesKsh 3,850
30 minutesKsh 1000
Gel Application
30 minutesKsh 2,000
Gel Removal
30 minutesKsh 1000